Development Slate

The principals of Km2k have been friends and co-workers for nearly two decades. They strive for originality. Currently they have three completed ideas and are in development with one.

Eyes Wide Open - Neo Noir Thriller
A Psychic confesses to the murder of a serial killer, except none of the events have happened yet. But when the first body is found, the local detective and the FBI profiler are in a race against time to stop the killings.

The Solution - Action Thriller
A self centered talk radio host struggles to stop a secret society from using deadly Chemtrails to reduce global population.

The Devil's Vortex - Paranormal Thriller
A theoretical physicist struggles to save a child kidnapped 27 years ago from a demonic cult.

Taylor's Move - Film Noir Detective Thriller
Chinatown meets Witness.
What if a detective must choose between killing his witness or keeping her alive to testify?

Once Upon A Corpse (Working Title) - Mystery Thriller
What if a bestselling mystery author awakens from a coma as the detective in his own unfinished book with a mystery to solve?