Taylor's Move

Film Noir Detective Thriller

The sins of the past intersect in the present.

Last night, sports psychologist Cassie Aldredge witnessed a drug deal gone wrong. Two Chinese drug couriers are dead and she saw who did it.

Or did she?

When Cassie picks Anton, son of the Russian mob boss, out of a line up, her life is in immediate danger. The Chinese want revenge, the Russians want her dead and jaded Detective Drew Taylor needs to protect her and prevent a gang war.

Taylor’s talking her out of testifying, the D.A.’s pressuring her into it, and in the back of Cassie’s mind there’s a flicker of doubt. . . that maybe, just maybe. . . she picked the wrong guy.

And when she learns the Russian contract on her life has been given to Taylor, she’s got to figure out what to do and whom to trust. . . before she’s dead.